Jean Kaplansky, Digital Content Huntress

Jean Kaplansky is a Content Architect/Strategist, Technical Account Manager, UI/UX and Accessibility Analyst, Instructional Designer and a long-time XML, HTML, and CSS Developer. Jean is an avid reader and early adopter of eBooks and eBook-related technology, going back to 1996. Her publishing production past includes work as a Content Manager at Safari Books Online, the Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Aptara, a Solution Architect for PTC Arbortext Services, an XML architect for Cengage Learning, a Systems Analyst for Pfizer Global Research and Development, and an XML Consultant at Arbortext. Jean is an experienced technology trainer, developer, and solutions architect with a background in dynamic publishing across multiple industries.

Jean is active in the standards community and is an Invited Expert to the W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group where she focuses her attention on the Accessibility sub-committee. Jean is a former member of the Book Industry Study Group Content Structure Committee and the IDPF EPUB 3.1 working group and EDUPUB working groups.

Jean works toward creating trusted advisor relationships with clients using a strategic approach to integrating and implementing solutions. She provides technical consultation on enhanced features and interactive functionalities for desired publishing standards. Jean lives in the Adirondack woods with her husband and a menagerie of cats and dogs. When Jean is not entirely obsessed with publishing technology and eBooks, she spends time training her Border Collie, fending off her three cats, and appeasing the “Chow Chow of entitlement.” She occasionally indulges herself by reading genre fiction.

Jean’s introduction to typography and publishing production involved a calculator, some printed galleys, and a pica stick back in 1992. Follow her occasional tweets at @JeanKaplansky.