The iPod Touch… It is good.

I did it. Last night.

I bought my very first iPod. Ever.

Why, on this night, of all other nights? I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

Part of being an XML she-geek comes from being a genetic bookworm. I read ’em in mass quantity, and am not too picky about format (in comparison, for instance, to my father-in-law, who will only read hardcover books due to tactile preference).

I’ve been doing the eBook thing since the emergence of Peanut Reader for the Palm way back in the 90s. (How scary is that??? The 90s are now way back.) I’ve skipped around from device to computer to laptop to device to phone to blackberry, but I was finally faced with a situation that brought the whole “can it all be in one, or not?” into perspective during my last business trip.

You see, I had to drive 3.5 hours from home to HQ. I’ve only been there one other time, so I needed to use GPS. My husband took off with the dedicated GPS unit because he had to go to Jersey, so I was left with the GPS on my Blackberry (which does very nicely, BTW).

Only one problem: Telenav on the Blackberry KO’s Audible’s ability to patch into the stereo speakers of a car by routing everything that isn’t native Blackberry through the speaker on the Blackberry itself. So it was a choice of get be without Audible, or get lost. Since it was a business trip, I pretty much had no choice on this one. Luckily, I found a radio station that was playing nothing but Aerosmith as I headed into Boston, so all was not lost (literally).

But back to the iTouch… I’ve been fawning over them since I stayed at my friend’s house of Mac a few business trips back. He has his iTouch set up as a remote with Apple TV and iTunes connected to something like 160 GB of tunes that can now be accessed from anywhere in the house. Cool.

I’d been reading about eBook apps. on the “iThing” (to quote that guy who does the Bookshelf app.) for quite some time on teleread.org, mobileread.com, and dearauthor.com. I also have been looking for a way to access some eReader books I bought way back when I was still reading on my Palm Tungsten E2 before it gave up the battery ghost.

No eReader app for the Blackberry + sketchy Audible support for the Blackberry + can’t use any of this stuff while I’m using Blackberry GPS = one helluva excuse to buy my very first iPod/Touch/Thing (I like Thing best, I think… very Addams Family).

So I bought it, and I loaded it up with audible and ereader as the puppies sang nearby in awed chorus.

And it was good.


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