Jean Kaplansky, Digital Content Huntress

It all started with a US Robotics Palm Pilot 5000. It wasn’t even my Palm Pilot…

A friend of mine brought her brand new Palm Pilot 5000 to work one day. I played with the new toy for a few minutes, and the question immediately popped into my head:

I wonder if I can read a book on this thing?

And so it began.

Flash forward many, many years, and now I’m looking at a desk piled high with eReading devices and tablets.

Turns out that yes, yes you could read a book on a Palm Pilot 5000…

I’ve always played with text and content. I was raised as a bookworm, and spent a significant portion of my childhood running around the university library while my mom worked in the circulation department. I worked as a page layout technician when I graduated from college. In those days, we did page layout with galley proofs, a calculator, a couple of different pens, and a pica stick.

So it’s not surprising that I wound up working in digital content, or that I specialized in XML stylesheet development as a consultant, or that making the lead from paper to digital seemed like a natural progression in my reading life.

One book is never enough. And digital content processing technologies just get more interesting over time. Combine the bookworm with the tenacious techie, and you get the Digital Content Huntress.